Partners: Stubicke Toplice

Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation

The thermal spring has been in function from the ancient-Roman time, and was mentioned then as Teplitz bey Stubisza, in 1209 during the time of Andrija Arpadovic. Stubicke Toplice experienced their flourishing at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. It can be estimated from La-langue's work about healing waters published in 1777, when exactly Vojkffijev krop prostrani emerged. That is why it was emphasized on the emblem of the hospital in 1776, as the beginning of continuous balnaeological tradition in Stubicke Toplice. The present-day health resort was established in 1811, when the bishop of Zagreb Maksimilijan Vrhovac made a bath-house with an indoor swimming pool, after him named Maksimilianeum, a bath, dancing and social life halls and a dining-room.

Natural healing factor in Stubicke Toplice is thermal water, with its temperature of 69 degrees by the spring. According to the analysis and balnaeological classificaton made in 1997 in the Balnaeological laboratory of the Institute for physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb, the water contains calcium ( Ca ), magnesium ( Mg ), hydrogen-carbonate ( HCO3 ), sulfate ( SO4 ). It is hypothermic and is distinguished by radioactivity of 3.16 Mache units.

The special hospital offers free use of 285 beds in three buildings (povezana objekta) – the Maksimilijan, the Toplice and the Dijana and is connected with the Croatian Health Insurance Institute by an agreement. It also offers its services to private users, tourists and citizens.

Treatment and Services

Indications for treatment:

  • consequences of polytrauma conditions after surgeries and reconstructional operations in the movement system
  • conditions after neuro-surgical operations
  • degenerative illnesses of joints and spine
  • inflamed rheumatic illnesses and rheumatological arthritis and ankylotic spondylithis
  • extra-articular rheumatism
  • disturbances of the functions of peripheral and central nervous system
  • conditions after surgeries of blood vessels of the limbs and peripheral blood - vessel diseases
  • conditions after sports injuries

The special hospital is equipped with modern medical equippment for the needs of diagnostics in the clinical-biochemical laboratory, RDG diagnostics and inernistic-cardiological and neuro-physical laboratory, together with the modern medical equippment necessary for offering all the physical-therapeutical services and medical rehabilitation.

Curative procedures are held in the indoor

  • swimming pool - hydrogymnastics,
  • individual baths in tubs and the Huubard;
  • collective and individual programs of medical and corrective gymnastics in two trendily equipped gyms;
  • working and occupational therapy in the visual arts workshop and musical therapy.
  • Hydromassage, manual and vibrating massage, lymphatic draining, acupressure, peloido and paraffin-therapy, vasculator, trainings at the Balanc platform, are also applied.

Complete electro-therapy (DDS, IFS, TENS, galvanization, electro-stimulation, Kotz's currents, USD, magnetic therapy, laser, KV, sollux).

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