Partners: Ars Salutaris Dental Clinic

History and Development

In the past ten years, dental clinic have treated local and foreign patients at several locations in Croatia, mainly in Zagreb and Istria.

After successful surgery on several thousand patients, the founders of the clinic Hrvoje Pezo, DDS.  and Ph.D.  Robert Celic, DDS.  They opted for the next step.  In January 2009.  began the construction of a modern, exclusive dental clinic in the elite part of Zagreb, not far from the city center.

Status of Zagreb

The clinics are respected in professional circles in Croatia, as well as experts in their fields and reputable professionals.  Dr. Pezo, a specialist in dental prosthetics and expert in CAD / CAM technology and modern dental materials, is also president of the Croatian Dental Chamber, and his prominent position to be well informed about the latest developments in the dental industry worldwide.  He enjoys a good reputation in many international dental organizations and represents the Republic of Croatia in many panels, conferences and professional gatherings.  Dr. Celic, a specialist in dental prosthetics with extensive experience in complex dental procedures and implant dentistry, Distinguished Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Zagreb.

Equipment and materials

Polyclinic, which consists of three dental surgeries and a surgery, is equipped with excellent KaVo dental equipment, including the latest ergonomic dental chairs with multimedia, digital ortopan, professional room for sterilization and disinfection of the latest devices and computer programs for 3D modeling that are used to precise positioning of implants and crowns and bridges that perfect fit without the need for additional treatment.

Dental Laboratory - Naturaldent

Polyclinic is benefiting from sister companies - dental laboratories Naturaldent.  Founded 12 years ago, Naturaldent is today the largest and best equipped dental laboratory in Croatia, with twenty experienced dental technicians.  Laboratory is located just 5 minutes from the clinic, allowing a rapid return of finished works or zubotehničkih adjustments and repairs on the same day.  Naturaldent is also the only dental laboratory in the region that is ISO 9001:2008 SINCERT DNV certification system for quality control, certified by the world-famous company DNV, the same company that controls the quality systems at NASA, Boeing, BP and other world renowned companies .
Of course, the very same polyclinic also has ISO 9001:2008 SINCERT DNV certification system for quality control.

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