Partners: Studio Dentistico dr. Kucan

Dental Treatments At Studio Dentistico Kučan dental practice, their dentists provide stunning cosmetic dental treatments, white fillings, gum contouring and teeth reshaping as well as clear orthodontics using “invisible” braces to create the perfect smile makeover.

To restore your smile by replacing missing, decayed or broken teeth, Dr Kučan use crowns or bridges. Using the latest technology in dentistry we are able to offer the highest quality of care with a wide option of treatments. Their preventive dental treatments include scale and polish, bad breath, gum disease, decay detection and mouth cancer screening services.

Dr. Kučan and his team also have expertise and special interests in oral surgery for extractions and root canal therapy for infections.

With Studio Dentistico Dr. Kučan it's simple: get more for less money! If you would like to improve your appearance, get your long-due replacements made, have a lovely holiday, save 2/3 of your costs, then take a closer look at our offers.

To illustrate: a porcelain crown costs about 800 Euro in a private practice in England. In contrast, a crown at is only 205 Euro, which you can get done in less than a week. Crowns and bridges can be made within one week; implants require an additional visit about 4-6 months after the surgery.

Dental studio is friendly and personable one with all the modern dental equipment and experienced staff taking care of you as if you were a part of the family. Our main purpose is focusing on you as a human being with emotions and feelings. We really believe that "what we value above all is the truly satisfied patient".

In short, if you feel:

  • Dental work is too expensive in your country, forcing you to put off the necessary replacement of your missing teeth (dentures, crowns or bridges)
  • You are fed up with waiting list

Extent of guarantee

In the unlikely event of any defects in our dental laboratory work, the guarantee can only be claimed at our dental studio, for work which was demonstrably done there. It does not include travelling and accommodation costs.


Fixed restoration
Crowns, bridges: 12 years
Inlays / onlays: 12 years
Fillings: 2 years

Guarantee will be reduced or invalidated under these circumstances:

  • If oral hygiene is neglected.
  • If dentists instructions are not followed (for example not wearing the dentures during the night).
  • If removable restoration such as partial dentures or full dentures are not kept and maintained properly.
  • If the patient does not visit a dentist for a routine check-up at least once a year.
  • If the gum tissue or teeth bone is naturally reducing.
  • If the patient loses or gains a substantial amount of weight over a short period of time.
  • If the patient is in a general medical condition that has negative effects on the dental condition (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, condition after x-rays or chemotherapy).
  • For temporary work, we cannot offer any guarantee services.
  • If the dental procedure was performed by another dentist without prior consultation
  • After-treatments, such as removal of stitches after an operation or undergrounding a prosthesis, are not included under the conditions of the guarantee.
  • When the treatment received has not been paid in full and all current accounts have not been honoured.



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