Partners: Poliklinika Leptir (The Butterfly Clinic)

Poliklinika Leptir (The Butterfly Clinic) with its day care hospital is a health institution developed and founded in 2008 as the first private centre in Croatia specialized for all medical procedures related to the thyroid (or butterfly) gland. The clinic employs a first-rate team of specialist in endocrinology, nuclear medicine, otorinolaringology, surgery and cytology, including an on-site laboratory.

Keeping in sync with the development of medical treatments in the world, as well as the great advances in treating diseases, Poliklinika Leptir advances shoulder-to-shoulder with the most renowned clinics in the world.

The clinic is furnished with sophisticated equipment which assures a high level of diagnostic independence, professional treatment and tracking of the diseases. It also provides necessary resources to perform even the most complex operational procedures related to thyroid gland diseases.

A highly qualified and experienced team of medical professionals with years of on-hand experience in highly complex medical situations, with their special educational trainings and achievements in world-class medicine, provide security and peace of mind for each patient through their approach, treatment methods, rehabilitation and counselling.

Every member of the clinic's staff had to undergo a special training to work at the Poliklinika Leptir facility, and each one of them actively contributes to the clinic though their personal characteristics and professional abilities.

Besides the mentioned specialist treatment, the clinic also specializes in surgical treatment of skin disorders, oncology, paediatric otorinolaringology and nutritionism.

Biopharmacy with nutritional preparations

  • minerals
  • vitamins
  • probiotics etc.


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