Partners: Polyclinic Bilic Vision

Polyclinic Bilic Vision for ophthalmology, orthopedics and internal medicine in the northern part of the city, the 45th Ksaverska Road It extends to about 250 m2. Formed in 2002. year from a private doctor's office, Ph.D. Nadezda Bilic MD. that after twenty years of clinical experience in University Hospital "Sisters of Mercy", Zagreb, 1996. opened a solo private practice. Investing in specialization and new physicians joining the expanded scope of services with superior quality and standard of ophthalmic services to always provide our patients.

In Bilic Vision clinic we perform the diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases most modern methods and modern apparatus with highly specialized experts in various segments of the eye.

Routine ophthalmologic examination annually will not only turn off the dangerous eye diseases (glaucoma, macular degeneration, cardiovascular diseases of the eye, etc.), but will provide insight into the general state of health of the organism.

In our institution we have provided the most advanced equipment for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of eye diseases, as well as our experts are of international education and years of clinical experience and are able to identify diseases and other potentially dangerous to your vision.

Optical Center was established in 2000. on the initiative of Dr. med. PhD. Nadezda Bilic , a specialist in eye diseases. She wanted to allow patients the same quality service as in the choice of glasses and contact lenses, and also in the making. Thus emerged the idea that technology and knowledge profiled top ophthalmological and optical facilities, and the final part of the examination and treatment of patients - making glasses, stretched as far as possible through services offered by Vision Optics Bilic.

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