Partners: Klapan Clinic Medical Group

Klapan Clinic Medical Group (hereinafter referred to as the clinic), located in Ilica 191A, the first "smart house" that was built in Croatia.

This is a medical institution registered for carrying out diagnostic and surgical medical activities in otorhinolaryngology-head and neck surgery, surgery-plastic and aesthetic surgery, dermatology and venerologiji, internal medicine, allergology, and telemedicine.

Regulation on job classification in the Clinic are working or are its consultants, doctors more specialists in the field of clinical medicine: internal medicine, cytology, pathology, otorhinolaryngology-subspecialists plastično-rekonstrukcijske/estetske surgery and audiology, surgery-plastic and aesthetic surgery, dermatology and venerologija, Allergology, anesthesiology, ophthalmology subspecialists-plastic- reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and telemedicine.

Polyclinic achieved a proven and well-established partnerships with leading Croatian private biomedical laboratory, "Breyer" / Zagreb, Polyclinic for Medical Microbiology, Radiology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Zagreb, and with teaching hospitals.

Clinic is designed with today's modern architectural criteria in the construction of medical institutions of this type, fully computerized, with a central storage and protection of all medical records, computerized system for the operationalization of the institution, and with the possibility of implementing interactive telemedical diagnosis and various therapies (tele-surgery) in real time ("real-time telemedicine") to any expert medical site in Croatia and / or the world. Medica-legal and legal criteria under which the clinic set up telemedicine system, as defined by standards set by NATO Telemedicine Expert Team (Brussels, EU) and the Telemedicine Committee of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (2005

Polyclinic has the most modern sophisticated medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment in all specialties for which it is licensed and registered.

Technological characteristics of clinic: 24 hour permanent connection with leading medical experts from the EU per viam ozemni optical system (Metronet Zagreb) and Medsky Satellite System, your own PC-server, UPS, internal endovizija (audio / video system control clinic patients in the apartment), etc.

Polyclinic has a more modern furnished office, the operating system that is networked telemedicine with leading EU and Croatian clinical centers, as well as a separate apartment for patients.

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