Partners: Dialysis Avitum B.Braun & Medilab Avitum

In Zagreb clinic B. Braun Avitum of Internal Medicine and Dialysis respect to European norms that patients on dialysis guarantee the safety procedures

Polyclinic of Internal Medicine and Dialysis Avitum B. Braun, owned by B. Braun and Medilab Avitum, recently renewed certificates attesting to the quality of their work and respect postupovnika, with the purpose of safety of patients on dialysis.  B. Braun Group''Avitum which has more than 100 dialysis centers in most European countries, 2002.  year introduced a quality management system.  So today we have several certifications, ISO 9001:2008, GDP (Good Dialysis Practice), and since 2009.  year we have also certified to DIN VDE 0753-4, which is tied exclusively to the area of dialysis.  Check the renewal of the certificate is carried out each year by the German TUV, and the Croatian agencies responsible for particular aspects of their work'', said Executive Director of the company Medilab, Marko Džepina.

Clinic Avitum B. Braun Zagreb is part of the chain of clinics German Group B. Braun Avitum, which thus provides marketing their goods and equipment.  B. Braun Group is engaged in exclusive production of consumable materials and devices for medicine, and one of the strategic segments of dialysis is associated with the B. Braun Avitum clinics across Europe.  Work''covers the production of (PBU - Product Bussines Unit), on the other hand SBU - Bussines Service Unit, which deals exclusively with the provision of dialysis services'', explains Džepina.  Company Medilab representative of the B. Braun Group to Croatia since 1991.  year, in 1997.  The polyclinic was opened by Hippocrates for the then owner Dr. Ivanisevic won approval from the Ministry of Health to open a private dialysis.  In Hippocrates soon as the partner invests company B. Braun Avitum and Medilab.  Then,''the clinics allocated as a separate business entity and is now jointly owned company Medilab Avitum and B. Braun.  2004th  The Polyclinic relocated to its present location in the Maksimir stadium and is open branch in Novi Zagreb, "said M. Džepina adding that this is the first prprivate dialysis in Croatia, which won a contract with the Croatian Health Insurance Institute. The clinic employs four physicians, three are specialists in internal medicine - nephrologists and physicians specially trained to independently perform dialysis. Each sister takes care of four patients of whom were first on dialysis, but at seven o'clock in the morning. Polyclinic working six days a week in three shifts, and the last patient leaves the dialysis ten o'clock in the evening. Since dialysis usually takes about four hours, the building was purpose-built so that patients have better terms. Most of the building is glass, there is a special circulatory system, heating and cooling the air, and patients are available for television and radio programs. The total investment is worth around 2 million euros. The clinics are spread over 1300 square meters, and the patients have 30 appliances worth between 10 and 12 000 euros. It also has a special system for water worth about 100 000 euros. ''Clean water is one of the most modern in the world, and it is a "ultra-pure" water. This is the highest standard in quality, which, among other parameters, giving the effect that a man makes a good quality of life'', explains M. Džepina adding that the clinic uses the latest B. Braun Avitum products and filters.

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