Partners: Akromion

Akromion – Special Hospital for Orthopedic and Traumathology


Hospital Akromion until now the largest private orthopedic hospital in the Republic of Croatia that covers approximately 2000 square feet on three floors. The building is rented from the Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Krapinske Spa and completely renovated. Built a completely new operating block with three operating rooms and me to wake up, and fully renovated ground floor, second floor and attic. Operating rooms are equipped with modern equipment. The department consists of 11 rooms, of which three were single, six double rooms and two suites. Each room has its own bathroom and toilet and TV and Internet connection, which provides maximum patient comfort.


The hospital is fully computerized. No records of the patients, paperwork and waiting lists in the classical sense. Acromion is the first real e-hospitals in Croatia. Apart from having the most modern medical equipment, an operating room is equipped with Olympus EndoALPHA HD technology - technology integrated operating room. This latest technology gives doctors and hospital staff access to a complete pictorial and textual medical data about the patient during surgery and thus allows direct and timely consultation during operations. The start time of hospital Akromion, such integrated orthopedic surgical room was the only one in Europe.

Expert Team

Professional team of the hospital are now four of the leading orthopedic surgeon. The leaders are university professors, Ph.D. Nikola Čićak and Ph.D., Miroslav Hašpl, and the team are still Dr. Hrvoje Klobučar and Dr. Denis Tršek. Anesthesia team consists of Dr. Siniša Šoštarić and Dr. Kresimir Oremuš.


In Akromion to provide a total of all medical services in the field of orthopedics and traumatology: from artroskopskih surgery on the shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, elbow to the installation of artificial joints: the hips, knees, shoulders, ankles and elbows. We also do reconstructive surgery on all the joints, treatment of fractures and the consequences of the fracture. Currently we are not problems of the spine and malignant tumors, a children's orthopedics only partially. The capacity of three operating room was large, and will be increased if necessary.

After surgery, patients have a unique opportunity for the implementation of post-operative rehabilitation in the same location, with respect to existing services within the hospital "Krapinske Spa", so that they are in one place offers a complete service - from the examination, surgery, and rehabilitation.

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