Partners: Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Krapinske Spa

Modern hospital for rehabilitation of patients with cardiac, neurological, rheumatic, orthopedic and rehabilitation of diseases of children.


It is situated in Krapina springs in one of the most beautiful corners of the Croatian Zagorje - in a peaceful valley surrounded by picturesque hills.  It was built in ancient mineral water springs known since the Roman times as Aquae Viva - water of life.

Medical programs:

Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation Krapinske Spa offers complete medical diagnosis that is needed for treatment and monitoring treatment outcomes.  Medical programs are based on the use of natural medicinal resources, together with all the modern methods of physical medicine and rehabilitation.  With programs for rehabilitation are implemented and effective preventive and recreational character of the systematic reviews.

Medical indications:

  • Treatment and rehabilitation of consequences of head injuries, brain and other neurological diseases.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of cardiac patients with angina pectoris, heart attack and after heart surgery.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of all types of post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation of degenerative conditions, rheumatism, diabetes with neurological and circulatory complications.
  • Treatment and rehabilitation for patients with peripheral circulatory disorders.

The healing thermal mineral waters

The hospital is known for its natural healing water temperature 39-41 ° C with a large proportion of calcium, magnesium and hydrogen.  Within the hospital there are four indoor pool.  The famous "Jakob" pool was built at the thermal springs and is one of the few such examples in the world.  The treatment and rehabilitation of water used in pools and tubs, where the bathing implement medical practice where the use of the physical effects of water: heat, hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy and friction.  Centuries of experience and carried out medical reports speak of its healing properties.  Treatment of drinking warm water as a supplement cures spent swimming in the last century, based on centuries of experience and carried out medical reports on the healing properties of water are used today.

Healing mud-fang

Arises from the very fine particles, which together with the healing water spring from the depths and deposited directly to the source.  It has good thermal properties and is used as a therapeutic coating for the whole body or body parts.  Is applied after the mechanical and thermal treatment in the form of coating wrapped in the appropriate screen.  Before each use fango therapy is recommended that a medical consultation.

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